Monday, October 29, 2012

What to do with Macey's Hair???

Cute little Macey, we have struggled with her hair for sometime.  While she can look really cute when we just barely do her hair, about 10 minutes later it is all hanging in her face.  

We tried curling it, which turned out cute, but it only lasted 30 minutes before it went straight.  We did get a cute picture.

We've worked with her part, and changing it from the side to the middle worked out for a little bit as it could more easily be pinned and not fall in her face.

Then we tried cutting some bangs which turned out great the first day, but soon afterward went crazy because of a callic in the front.

So, what to do...what to do.....we kept cutting bangs and then letting them grow, but then the rest of her hair was getting all stringy as it grew longer.  

 I know what you are thinking; You are thinking "What are you talking about?  Her hair looks great in all these pictures!  Well, I guess I was never taking pictures unless I spent a lot of time on her hair.  Maybe that is the problem really.  We wanted an easy, not have to work at hair do.  Yeah.

So we cut her hair in a bob and started growing out her bangs again....

And yet it still wasn't working because her hair would still fall and hang in her face unless we used barrettes all the time which wouldn't last because she would rip them out.  

So, finally we gave in and decided to cut some bangs once again.   Except this time I would try a different part.  Maybe if we parted on the middle then it wouldn't make such a big callic on the right side where the part was.  

Well, it worked!  Although it still took a bit of flat ironing or heat drying her bangs at first, I think it has worked out.  She is a cute little girl with bangs.  Her hair doesn't hang in her face too much now and if she loses her barrettes, it's not so bad.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jewelia Had a Birthday?

It is true!  Jewelia really did have a birthday.  We are just way behind in our blog.  

Jewelia celebrated her 7th birthday!  

"Wow," you are thinking.  "What is that marvelous thing there?"  Why it is the most beautiful awesome cake in the world!

Yes, Jewelia requested a violin cake for her birthday this year.  Her oh so wonderful mom created this masterpiece:

Jewelia thought it was the best!

She had a great birthday party with lots of presents.

Lots of her family came to help eat the cake.

Jewelia was happy when she received a curling wand as one of her presents.  
We tried it out to give her some gorgeous curls!

Then she opened her last present, 
a new scooter so she could ride it to school!

We can't believe that Jewelia is really 7 years old!  She will be going into 3rd grade this coming fall!  

Friday, August 3, 2012

Musical Performances Galore!

 Micah was released from the hospital on a Thursday night, and the very next day we were getting ready for some big musical performances.  

Caleb was asked to play a concerto with a real live orchestra at the University of Utah!

He performed along with 7 other kids ranging from ages 10-17, so he was the youngest at age 9.  He did awesome!  If you'd like to see his performance you can check it out on his blog here.

Then, the very next day, Caleb and Jewelia traveled to Park City, Utah to compete in a music competition where Caleb won 1st place Concerto, 2nd Place Piano Solo, and 2nd Place Musical Composition where he wrote a song for piano and violin and had Jewelia come play her violin with him.

They were so cute!

You can read more in details and see their songs on Caleb's piano blog and Jewelia's fiddle blog.

Micah started his first week back at school since being sick, and that very week he had a Jazz Band Concert and a choir concert.  He may have still been a little weak, but he did awesome.  His poor little fingers being poked and prodded so often now could still play a mean jazz guitar. 

And that boy is such an awesome singer!
He has such fun in choir! 

To hear some of his performances from his concerts, check out his jazz band performance on his blog here, or his choir performance here

Jewelia wanted in on some of the action, so she performed at a little fiddle fair down the street at a music store.  

You can hear her play her piece on her fiddle blog here.

Anyway, tons of fun for our musical family!